The Orthodox Church is the Church founded by Jesus Christ and described 

throughout the New Testament. All other Christian Churches and sects can

be traced back historically to it. The word Orthodox literally means "straight

teaching" or "straight worship," being derived from two Greek words: orthos,

"straight," and doxa, "teach­ing" or "worship." As the encroachments of false

teaching and division multiplied in early Christian times, threatening to obscure

the identity and purity of the Church, the term "Orthodox" quite logically came

to be applied to it. The Orthodox Church carefully guards the truth against all

error and schism, both to protect its flock and to glorify Christ, whose Body the

Church is.

An astonishing number of religious groups today claim to be the successors of the early Church. A "yardstick for truth" is needed by which to compare what the Church originally believed and practiced with what these groups proclaim. Certainly we all have the God-given right to believe whatever we desire and to participate in whatever religious association we choose. But it is also just good sense to

be acquainted with the options before we make our final choices.


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